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Love Always Wins - NYC Marriage Celebration

Donald J. Trump will be our next president.  Mike Pence will be our Vice President. Both the house and senate have a republican majority, and there is a vacant supreme court seat. It's not an exaggeration to say that protections for LGBT people are in jeopardy, along with many other minority groups. The push to tear down some of the progress of the last years is already starting. Just look to the newly-empowered National Organization for Marriage if you had doubts.

To all the people who are feeling rejected, alienated, vulnerable, or scared right now: I see you.  I stand with you. I will fight with you. You are not alone.


If you are worried about the impact of this new administration, here's a guide to some concrete steps you can take to protect yourself. (It's just a google doc, and it's gotten a lot of traffic in the last few days, so if it doesn't load for you, give it a second and try again.)  Some suggestions for LGBT people in particular:

  1. Make the deeply personal, and absolutely important decision about how you want to proceed in this climate.  There is no shame in deciding to be open about your identity, but there is also no shame in deciding to be quiet about your identity until it’s safer to be vocal about it.
  2. Consider legal marriage distinct from your wedding planning, and consider getting legally married as soon as possible if you’re in the planning stages.  Marriage annulment is a distinct process from marriage issuance, and we’re very very likely to see setbacks on the latter.
  3. Familiarize yourself with the names and numbers of local legal protection groups, which will be working to provide advice, materials, and support over the coming months:
    1. Black and Pink
    2. Lambda Legal
    3. The Mazzoni Center
    4. GLAAD
  4. If you are a same-sex couple with children, consider a co-parent adoption to solidify your joint parental rights.


If you want to marry your partner before the inauguration to secure better protection for yourselves, and you want photos, I will absolutely cut you a deal. (I'm mentioning LGBTQQ people over and over, but this applies to anyone who feels at risk from policies that are likely to change- whether from your immigration status, your religion, your gender identity, your sexual orientation, your disability status, or something else entirely.)

Email me for more info.

If you want guidance on how or where to easily get married in New York City, or recommendations for officiants who believe love is love is love is love, please reach out.

I'm in NYC, Hoboken, and Jersey City until just before Christmas, and I'm in Ohio Christmas week. I will photograph your wedding in any of those places


LOVE ALWAYS WINS is an NYC Marriage celebration being organized by a group of NYC Wedding Professionals in celebration of marriage equality.

Wedding pros (including Smitten Chickens Photography!), friends and community members will come together and donate their time/goods/services to provide an evening of free, pop-up, legal weddings for LGBTQ couples who are looking to be married before the new president is sworn into office.

There will be photography, music, cake, decorations, glitter, bubbly, & most importantly, LOVE.

LOVE ALWAYS WINS will take place at Judson Memorial Church on Inauguration Eve - Thursday, January 19, 2017. If you are interested in getting hitched, please visit this site and send an email for more information!

WHAT: LOVE ALWAYS WINS, NYC Marriage Celebration
WHEN: Thursday, Jan 19, 2017 at 7pm
WHERE: Judson Memorial Church, West Village, NYC
WHO: LGBTQ Couples who want to get hitched before Inauguration Day
WHY: Because no matter what happens on election day, Love Always Wins
HOW: Fill out the form here!