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Happy Holiday Weekend!

It's our busy season, so there's always work to be done. There's always more to heap on the to-do list. Weddings, elopements, portraits, editing, blogging, client meetings, album delivery, and everything else involved with running a small business. Around this time each year, the temptation is to go into seclusion until everything is finished.

We've slowly learned that we work better when we take time out for ourselves, so we are spending this weekend relaxing with family.  Our plans involve spinning toddlers around, watching soccer, sitting poolside, walking along the beach, eating (and eating! and eating!), and hitting the reset button on our brains.  

If you send us an email between Thursday the 3rd and Sunday the 6th, thanks in advance for your patience.  We'll get back to you first thing Monday morning.  We hope you have a fantastic weekend, filled with sparklers, tasty foods, closed laptops, silenced phones, and the people you love.