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Victoria and Graig's Engagement Session

I left Graig and Victoria's session feeling excited and a little frozen, but the cold was totally worth it! They are getting married this July in Long Island, but they were really hoping to get some photos in the snow for their engagement shoot.  Since New York has been an icy tundra for the past few weeks, they were in luck!

We headed up to Orchard Beach in the Bronx, where they introduced me to "their spot," which was stunning, peaceful, and totally off the beaten path.  It was a hike through snowy woods, and down unmarked paths, but eventually the woods opened up to a clearing. There was a wooden bridge over the marsh, reads taller than our heads, and a rocky island that looked like it belonged in Maine more than the Bronx!

They really wanted a few photos with their dog Reggie, but she's very high energy, so they came up with a great solution. Victoria's mom took Reggie to the park to run around for an hour or so, then met us after we were halfway through the session. That let Victoria and Graig focus on each other, but still let them have some shots with the three of them.  If you have a high energy pet you want to include in your portraits, I highly recommend that approach.

These two were unbothered by the cold, and spent the entire session snuggled together, laughing, and cracking me up. Their wedding is going to be a joy filled occasion, and we can't wait to be invovled!